Lost in a Dream

Lost in a Dream

Merijn Hos

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Edition of 100

  • 29 x 41 cm
  • High quality embroidery
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

Merijn want’s his work to be a joyful fun thing to look at, but lots of his designs have hidden messages; something philosophical he’s been thinking about, or an underlying social theme.

The design he made for UNFAIR is a perfect example of that. The colored strips on the globe represent a strong image of the world as Merijn loves to see it: Boundless, and with a united color pattern. They merge, change shape and create harmony together. As a child he was wondering why he needed to bring a passport when his family went on vacation. Why do people need borders? Doesn’t planet we live on belongs to everybody? The questions he asked himself back then, came back in the form of this amazing globe. A deep, politically subject translated into an inspiring, futuristic and simple design.

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