9 crates

9 crates

Hugo Rocci

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Edition of 25+1AP

  • 18x24 cm (unframed) 24x30 cm (framed) 
  • Screen print, 6 layers
  • Monoprint color compositions, with unique variations per print
  • 300 grams paper
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Framed option comes with passepartout

Hugo Rocci's colorful works are usually centered around daily and everyday scenes, such as store fronts, billboards, window views and found objects. With it, he explores the relationship between image, language, symbol, and social space across a range of media including painting, ceramics, and installation.

In his current series 9 Crates Rocci is exploring ideas for his participation in UNFAIR23 and draws inspiration from predominantly Mexican shops. During his travels he came across many shops in public space, half enclosed, half on the streets, where the presence of the shops and all the facilities around it claimed a part in everyday life. Seen as sculptures or installations, evolving and changing everyday, stacks of colorful crates and piles of boxes can be more than just containers. Through the use of marbled inks, these prints recreate the distinctive textures and vibrant colors of mass-produced plastic crates, capturing their individuality and appeal.

Besides his artist practice, Rocci is also owner of Terry Bleu, a printshop and publishing house for high quality artist books and prints. We have been working with Rocci on the prints of amongst others Fiona Lutjenhuis, Kenneth Aidoo and Ralf Kokke. Rocci’s screenprint is hand made by the master himself, promising a one-of-a-kind work for any collector. Every print has hand colored monoprint color compositions (marbled effect) resulting in unique variations for every individual work.

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