21 Daisy Street

21 Daisy Street

Inez de Brauw

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Edition of 20+1AP

  • 37 x 28,5 cm
  • Riso print collage with hand painted details
  • Handmade lenticular lenses
  • 270 gr paper (Metapaper Extrarough Warmwhite A3)
  • Collage mounted on wooden panel 
  • Signed and numbered by the artist 
  • Custom frame


This edition by Inez de Brauw is part of the Hallway Series. She slowly tries to step away from the 'austereness' of black and white paintings inspired by interior advertisements, by introducing color as a sign of playfulness and habitable space.

Reflecting on the continual migration of forms and mirroring of ideas from magazines to reality and back again, Inez employs materials that can better convey the idea of movement and mutation such as ebru (water marbling), plaster, and black threads to create moire effects. With this lenticular effect Inez de Brauw created a dynamic image that moves when the viewer changes position. In 21 Daisy Street, the central corridor is a passage, as a space in which movement occurs, creating infinite possibilities for storytelling.

These contradictions and repetitions contribute to a dreamlike mise en abyme, where historical specificity gives way to a sense of drifting within the realm of contemporary commercialism.

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