UNFRAMED offers you limited editions of artworks that are a unique development in the tradition of printmaking. We combine great designs with the powerful semiotics of old school patches.

Our embroideries give you the opportunity to buy, frame or even wear artwork made by emerging artists. Thicker than paper, with finely crafted details, we make high quality art available to a wide audience of collectors; from textile art connoisseurs to patch-loving punks.

We are based in Amsterdam and work together with artists from around the globe. We started this project because we love the craft of printmaking, and were looking for new ways to create collectible and high quality art prints. Our embroidered, highly tactile artworks have layers of stitched details, vivid colors and don’t rumple or discolor over time. You can feel the details and the beautiful finish, and decide for yourself how you make this artwork your own. Frame it, iron it onto your jacket, or use a simple nail and clip construction to fix it on your bedroom wall.

We believe that adding a characteristic artwork to your home should be as easy and as affordable as updating your collection of jeans. We want to put the work of today’s artists within the reach of every art collector.

All proceeds from sales go directly to the artists we collaborate with, and to projects that encourage the independence and professionalism of artists, whether they’re already settled in the art world or at the start of their career.

Our embroidered art works come with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist.