Studies for Suggestive Landscapes

Studies for Suggestive Landscapes

Maarten Broekhuizen

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Edition of 9 (unique variations)

  • 20,3 x 25,4 cm
  • Handmade darkroom prints 
  • Agfa multicontrast paper (can vary in tones of white)
  • Optionally framed, custom float mounted with art-glass (longer delivery time)
  • Comes with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

Maarten Broekhuizen is fascinated by the long photographic tradition of depicting the sublime landscape. He strives in his work for photographic reproductions of landscapes that he has never visited or (as in this series) that do not exist. Studies for ‘Suggestive Landscapes’ is a series of nine unique handmade prints that serve as studies for larger format work. Broekhuizen uses expired photographic paper that has already been exposed and is therefore unusable for traditional darkroom printing. However, this rejected paper lends itself perfectly to 'painting' using photographic chemicals. By disconnecting the image of a landscape from the physical place, Broekhuizen is not restricted by traces of tourism, industry, or other (human) elements that disrupt his idealized vision of the landscape. Instead, he can construct pristine landscapes in the darkroom, with a degree of control equivalent to that of a painter.

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