Ralf Kokke

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Edition of 25+1AP

  • 28,3 x 39,8 cm
  • Riso print, 4 colours
  • Arena Natural Rough 140gr paper
  • Hand painted details by artist
  • Unique composition per print
  • Signed and numbered by the artist

Ralf Kokke’s colorful, playful paintings originate from his subconscious fantasies that are as close to his dream world as possible. He captures these often inexplicable images in an uninhibited and unfiltered way. Kokke’s work process is very much attuned to this: he starts to paint straight after drinking his morning coffee without time to think, preparing as little as possible. He puts everything in motion to allow things to happen in the work and to create images as close to himself as possible. In doing so his works reflect on Kokke’s immediate environment, with a healthy dose of fantasy and mythology.

The 'Stalker' series is a set of 25 Riso prints, presenting the same tiger, each with different hand-painted details. The title 'Stalker' sets the tone to think of primal instincts and the wildness of nature. For Kokke, this edition was a journey that challenged him to embrace the wonder of the natural world. In his psychedelic dream state he explored the depths of his own consciousness, resulting in a many-faced tiger, looking back at us.

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