AA drink

AA drink

Koos Buster

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Edition of 11

  • 16,5 x 7 x 7 cm
  • Artisan blown glass bottle 
  • Ceramic features with hand painted details
  • Filled with real AA drink
  • Certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist


The works of Koos Buster illustrate the search for a certain perfection. They often represent things that would otherwise be trivial but in Koos Buster's world, they can and perhaps should be celebrated. When an idea emerges, he starts sketching. Although these sketches are often just the first step in the process and eventually lead to ceramic objects, he likes to consider them as potential completed works in themselves. Fully captured in the sketch phase. As Koos himself puts it best: 'The innocence and messiness of a quick sketch have elements that I also like to see in a final piece.'

“ AA is the drink I used to want but couldn't have, and now that I can, I find it too sweet."
- Koos Buster-

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